ARTOFJSG Art portfolio

My portfolio of work that has been created in the last 3 years is now available to view on ISSUU:

Wrex: Lost

The tail of of dog and his man, a school project. Copyright 2021 artofjsg , All rights reserved - no policemen were harmed during the making of the videofilm, . All artwork is by Jatinder Ghataora. Written by Wrex and Jatinder Ghataora, Wrex and Jatinder are completely factual. contact info: JGHATAORA@BTINTERNET.COM, TEL: 07889 822440. website: ARTOFJSG.COM, ARTOFJSG is also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Deviantart, etsy, ebay and probably some other places Music: Ride of the Valkyries (by Wagner) (used from the Youtube Studio library - royalty free music)

Aston Villa Football Club Vaccination Centre

Trying different ways of recording myself drawing, Quicksilver eat your heart out. This is the carpark of the Aston Villa Football club vaccination centre. Quick Sketch. #covidvacccine #avfc #artofjsg #wlvillustration #speeddrawing