Name:                                          Donald Campbell

Professional name:  Community Ambassador/Speaker and Oral Caribbean History documenter.

Profession:                            Ex Military, Royal Air Force, Warrant Officer Retired.

Website:                          N/A

Nature of the work supplied: Jatinder created One Off pieces of artwork for charity and editorial input. Caribbean Service Personnel Poppy Flower

The artwork represented British Caribbean Islands Servicemen and Women as a Poppy Flower, which raised hundreds of pounds for the charity.  The Symbolical nature of the Poppy Flower also gave people joy, pride and a sense of purpose.

Minutes/agenda of meetings were meticulously written and documented to a very high level of administration.

Experience of working with Jatinder: 

I met Jatinder by chance but I firmly believe it was fate that brought us together. His very kind gentle nature and charitable outlook on life is a breath of fresh air.  He is an individual that thinks outside the box and is therefore always creative with new ideas.

I have certainly benefited enormously from meeting Jatinder through his help and support with my charity. Although he was press for time he always went the extra mile to respond to my many requests.

Lucky Comics

Name:                                John Michael-Helmer

Professional name:   Lucky Comics 

Profession:                      Writer, Editor, Publisher, Letterer.


Nature of the work supplied:
Robin Hood – Medieval times (Artis writer collaborator), and other short stories .

Experience of working with Jatinder:
I have known Jatinder for over seven years now and our working relationship has been pleasant, productive, and collaborative. Jatinder is pleasant to work with because he listens to others and their ideas offering constructive criticism when he feels he can offer changes or adjustments to projects. He’s productive, always completing assignments before their deadlines and producing high quality work. Finally, Jatinder uses collaboration to advance any project by suggesting modifications, going with other creator’s ideas, and doing what’s best for the team to produce the very best product possible.


Zindagi Comix

Name:                              Ken Bouthillier

Professional name:  Zindagi and the Art of Ken Bouthillier documenter.

Profession:                   Artist, Writer, Editor, Publisher.


Nature of the work supplied: Editor, collaborator on a cover for Robin Hood.

Experience of working with Jatinder:  Wonderful collaboration on the Robin Hood cover, our styles compliment one another.  As an editor, Jatinder gave me solid, straightforward, and valuable feedback to improve the final product (Zindagi chapter 10: Caretakers).


Logan Makwana


Name:                            Logan Makwana

Professional name: Logan Makwana

Profession:                  Writer, Performer, Psychologist.

Website:                        N/A (Email:

Nature of the work supplied: Artwork for a short story.

Experience of working with Jatinder:  Jatinder is very natural creator and a great collaborator to work with. As an artist/ writer he can take a script and visualise it on the page in a way that keeps the core original vision and enhance it with his ideas to create something that comes alive on the page. 


Fly Comics




Name:                            Neil Sambrook

Professional name: Fly Comics

Profession:                   Artist, Writer, Editor, Publisher.


Nature of the work supplied: Artwork and writer on various comics-based projects for Fly Comics.

Experience of working with Jatinder:  I have always found Jatinder to be very easy to work with. His enthusiasm in following a brief is contagious and he often brings more to the table when translating script, adding attention to detail and helping translate them into more realistic and credible finished pieces. His communication is excellent and is always happy to talk through a brief with some new contributions and small detail. He has never failed to hit a deadline and his work goes from strength to strength, always looking at ways to improve. 



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