Gargoyle comp
Inktober sketch, pencil and ink versions. Day 1. Gargoyle. this is based on a figure on the side of Lincoln Cathedral, in England.
Scurry day2
Inktober sketch, pencil and ink versions. Day 2. Scurry. Based on arguably the most famouse rodent in the world.
Bat day3
Inktober sketch, pencil and ink versions. Day 3. Bat. The Human symbol on the Bats chest is based on the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci, makes sense to me if a man has a symbol of a bat, why wouldn't the bat have a symbol of a man.
Scallop day4
Inktober sketch. Day 4. Scallop. A few days ago I visited the Skegness (UK) seaside and picked up a couple of shells, including this piece that I've tried to illustrate. The shape reminds me of flint or slate but it has what appear to be shells imbedded in it. I would really like to know how it was formed? could it be a rock that has chipped off a cliff? is it a result of lighting striking he sand giving it a glass like quality, or the result of an Alien craft landing on the beach and creating this. Maybe a rock from Space. Could it be man made? It's nice trying to come up with theories, but nice to know the real reason for its existence.
Flame Day 5
Inktober sketch. Day 5. Flame. Isn't it surprising that fire and flames is so often associated to evil rituals yet they provide light and warmth and have a cleansing quality. This sketch was originally pencilled as a rough sketch option for a Kickstarter reward. in the end I didn't use it but always liked to finish it and ink it, so here it is.
Bouquet Day 4
Inktober sketch. Day 6. Bouquet. A Bouquet of an artists kind
Trip day6
Inktober sketch. Day 7. Trip. I wasn't happy with my plan for Day 5 so I'll visit that in the future, and decided to do Day 7 instead. I'm not a fast artist so this reflects the way I produce my sketches... Drip... Drip... Drip... (Included the pencil version)
Match day 8
Inktober sketch. Day 8. Match. One of the best comic series I've read is Deadman Wonderland (manga) I love the character of Shiro, it would be great to see her take on Thanos of marvel ever did a crossover although thinking about it Deadman Wonderland was so great extending it may not be a good idea
Nest day 9
Inktober sketch. Day 9. NEST. In the Transformers movies there is an organisation call Non-biological Extraterrestrial Species Treaty (NEST). thought I'do their logo being crushed. drawn freehand (if you hadn't already guessed.
Crabby day 10
Inktober sketch. Day 10. Crabby. Sketch based on the 1961 movie, Mysterious Island. Used to be shown during Holidays in the 70's, along with Jason and the Argonauts and many others another Ray Harryhausen master piece.
Eagle day 11jpg
Inktober sketch. Day 11. Eagle. Sketch based on the 1969 moon landing of the lunar module, I can still remember the famous words "The Eagle has Landed" The Most of the inktober sketches have been inked over pencils, I spent so long on the pencils, used a Lightbox to ink this.
Forget Day 12
Inktober sketch. Day 12. Forget. I always associate forgetfulness with goldfish as I heard that they only have a 3 second memory. So here is a quick sketch.
Kind Day 13
Inktober sketch. Day 13. Kind. Well we have Alien vs. Predator, wouldn’t it be nice to have E.T. from Close Encounters of the Third KIND Vs Alien? Not sure about phoning home, may be an Ambulance may be a better call.
Empty Day 14
Inktober sketch. Day 14. Empty. You know when you are caught in a thunderstorm and you run t the nearest house that looks empty, or is it empty?
Armadillo Day 15
Inktober sketch. Day 15. Armadillo. A sketch of a real armadillo and The Might Armadillo from Sonic the Hedgehog.
Fowl Day 16
Inktober sketch. Day 16. Fowl. ‘Nuff said
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Salty Day 17
Inktober sketch. Day 17. Salty. I'm glad this came up as I've wanted to do a sea scene for years and this prompt really got me to do this sketch at last. The sketch is inspired by the Joy Division song "Slow Jam" the song has some of the best lyrics...
The afternoon was very clear
The sun was beating down on me
I got thirsty for a beer
That I had to go to sea
The sea was very rough
It made me feel sick
But I like that kind of stuff
It beats arithmetic
Scrappe Day 18
Inktober sketch. Day 18. Scrape. Who can forget Freddy Kreuger scraping his metal claws in the film A Nightmare on Elm Street?
I know this is in the wrong day order but trying to build a bit of flexibility in my schedule to work on some other bigger pieces and time for other events.
Ponytail Day 19
Inktober sketch. Day 19. Ponytail. The Tale of the visually impaired pony
Bluff Day 20
Inktober sketch. Day 20. Bluff. One of the greatest Bluff scenes in cinema history (IMHO) Enzio the Baker and Michael Corleone outside a Hospital, I won’t name the film in case I spoil it for some one and I’m sure if you’ve seen the film, you will remember this. or my representation is really bad.
Bad dog Day21
Inktober sketch. Day 21. Bad Dog.
Heist Day 22
Inktober sketch. Day 22. Heist. Sketch based on the opening scene of Pulp Fiction
Booger Day 23
Fairy day 24
Inktober sketch. Day 24. Fairy. Well if Andy Warhol can use a Can of soup as art why can’t I use a bottle of Fairy? Thinking about the adverts for Fairy, it used to say “Mild green Fairy liquid” if it made your hands mild, would it also turn them green, Maybe the fear of ending up with green hands is the reason I avoid washing the dishes. Free hand sketch
Tempting Day 25
Ego Day 26
Inktober sketch. Day 25. Tempting. When tempted we often have a choice between good and evil…
Snack day 27
Inktober sketch. Day 26. Ego. Continuing the movie theme, Ego is reflected most effectively in the film “Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence” In one scene Col. John Lawrence (Tom Conti) is talking to Sgt. Gengo Hara (Takeshi Kitano). Quote: “You are the victim of men who think they are right... Just as one day you and captain Yonoi believed absolutely that you were right. And the truth is of course that nobody is right.” The film writers are: Lourens van der Post(novel "The Seed and The Sower")Nagisa Ôshima(screenplay)Paul Mayersberg(screenplay) and also stars David Bowie and Ryuichi Sakamoto. In my opinion the quote has never been so true.
Camping day 28
Inktober sketch. Day 27. Snack. Continuing the movie theme, Image based on the film “Theatre of Blood” Starring Vincent Price, Diana Rigg and Robert Morley. In the scene I’ve tried to depict Price feeds Morley “Poodle Pie”.
Enjoy (not that I’m advocating eating Poodle Pie and no poodles were harmed while making this drawing)
UhOh Day 29
Inktober sketch. Day 28. Camping. As a change from the last few days, I thought I would do something from a comedy and what better Camping film is there than “Carry on Camping” this scene may be too sexist for the boob tube… Oops am I allowed to call it boob tube nowadays. Starring Barbara Windsor and the rest of the Carry On crew.
Enjoy (it while I can display it, in case it/I get banned)
Gear day 30
Farm Day 31 v2 copy
Pumpkin creamation
In case anyone is wondering what happened to my pumpkin... I call this Pumpkin CREAMation, or Pumpkin meets Ghost rider whatever is left will go in garden recycling.
Inktober sketch. Day 23. Booger. The word Booger in the Hindi language means an imaginary monster used to frighten children
Inktober sketch. Day 31. Farm. Killer Pumpkin Farm. Started of with a pencil sketch, then carved a pumpkin with faces on both sides, tried to illuminate it with a tea light, but then used a smart phone torch, then finished the sketch with brush pen, fine liners and Promarkers for the colour
Inktober sketch. Day 30. Gear. The gears of our mind that drive us, sometimes the right way sometimes not, sometimes make us walk Down the wrong path and bring us down. Sometimes we slip up especially when our mind unravels and we are watched on by rats, ready to make the most of our place in the rat-wheel of life.
Inktober sketch. Day 29. Uh-Oh. David Byrne did an album called “UH OH” I’ve tried to depict the lyrics of one of the songs, “Something Ain’t Right” You can find the lyrics/song online, so I hope you’ll see where the imagination has come in although I have added one or two elements.